Eight British nationals of Ethiopian origin including mother and son Berikti and Biruk Habtom; five-year old Isaac Paulos; and Hashim Kidir, his wife and their three children, tragically impacted by the Grenfell Tower fire.
22 Jul 2017
Ethiopia joins UK in mourning Grenfell Tower fire victims
The Embassy, with deep sorrow, regrets to share the sad news of the passing of five-year old Isaac Paulos, a British national of Ethiopian origin. Seven British nationals of Ethiopian origin are still missing.
28 Jun 2017
Grenfell Tower Block Fire – Update
Ethiopia’s 26th Victory Day (National Day) was celebrated across the nation on 28th May - the date in 1991 when the Derg regime was overthrown - under the theme “Ethiopia: a country committed to building a Democratic Federal System on the basis of equality, justice and inclusive development as a guarantor of our Renaissance.”
2 Jun 2017
Celebrating 26 years of Ethiopian Renaissance
In Ethiopia, March 2 is a Red-Letter Day! On this date in 1889 Ethiopians from the four corners of the country converged in Adwa, Northern Ethiopia and, under the overall command of Emperor Menelik II and Empress Taitu, dealt a death blow to Imperial Italy’s ambition to annex Ethiopia.
27 Feb 2017
Adwa: An African Victory and beyond
The Second National Diaspora Festival (NEDF), was celebrated in Bahir Dar. The annual event provides a platform for the Ethiopian Diaspora Community (EDC) to see and assess development, discuss with key officials and explore opportunities in Ethiopia.
2 Aug 2016
Second National Ethiopian Diaspora Festival
22 Sep 2015
Indefinite extension of the deadline to renew Ethiopian Origin ID Cards
Renew your Ethiopian Origin ID Cards without penalty.
Diplomats, community leaders, invited guests and members of the diaspora celebrated the 24th Anniversary of the Ginbot 20 (28th May) Victory in London on 6th June 2015.
5 Jun 2015
Ethiopians celebrate the 24th Anniversary of Ginbot 20
15 May 2015
Information on the Diaspora Housing Programme
Ethiopians and foreigners of Ethiopian origin in the UK are entitled to own a house through a government Diaspora housing scheme either individually or by becoming members of a housing association.