The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and Shene (Oromo Liberation Army) have been categorised as terrorist organisations. In a statement released on 1st May by the Office of the Prime Minister, the Council of Ministers said the two organisations are responsible for attacks carried out in various parts of the country. “In the last three years, there have been a…
7 May 2021
TPLF and Shene designated as terrorist organisations
As part of the ‘Dine for Ethiopia’ fundraising initiative, launched by the Prime Minister last month, Embassy staff have each pledged a month’s salary to support the development of three projects in Gorgora, Wonchi and Koysha. The new initiative aims to raise 3 billion Birr within two months.
19 Sep 2020
Embassy staff pledge month’s salary to ‘Dine for Ethiopia’ initiative
British quadruple amputee, Alex Lewis, Ethiopian double amputee Emebet Dires, accompanied by the Wild Wheelchairs Project team successfully reached the Ras Dashen Summit at 4,533 metres on 6th October.
31 Oct 2019
THEY DID IT! UK and Ethiopian amputee duo ascend Ethiopia’s highest mountain