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You can get certain official documents legalised or authenticated by the Embassy in order to use them in Ethiopia.


All applications for the legalisation of documents must be Present by in person, post, or courier in the Embassy.

1. Documents that can be authenticated at the Embassy

Birth or Marriage certificates, Educational qualifications, Driving licenses and other similar documents.

As well as Court decisions and orders, and other pecuniary documents.


2. Instructions

UK Documents must first be authorised and stamped by the Legalisation Office of the Foreign and Commonwealth office in London.

Ethiopian Documents must first be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ethiopia.

Documents that have not been issued in the UK or Ethiopia must be authenticated by the governing body of the country where the documents were issued.

The original document and its copy must be present in person, by post, or courier to the Embassy along with a covering note including the following details:

  • Name of individual/organisation
  • Service Requested (e.g Legalisation)
  • Postal Address
  • Telephone Number 

3. Submit your documents at the Embassy

All applications must be made by in person,  post, or by courier.

Please submit your documents to the following address:

Consular Department
Embassy of Ethiopia
17 Princes Gate

Please ensure that you enclose a pre-paid self addressed return by special delivery envelope to allow us to return your documents to you following legalisation.(if its sent by POST only)

Please allow 10 working days for your documents to reach us before attempting to contact us. If after 10 working days you have still not been contacted, please call us on 020 7589 7212

Please note that…

  • The processing fee is non-refundable.
Fees and Payment

4. Fees and Payment

Upon receipt of your application, a consular officer will contact you to take payment over the phone. (if its sent by POST only)

We kindly request that you do not contact the Consular Department to make payment.

The fee listed is per seal. 

Non-Business Documentation (Marriage Certificates, Educational Certificates, Driving Licenses etc…)

  • Ethiopian Passport and I.D. card holders – £50.00
  • British/Other passports – £75.00

Business Documentation (Registration Certificates, Articles of Associations etc…)

  • Ethiopian Passport and I.D. card holders – £52.00
  • British/Other passports – £80.00

The Consular Section only accepts credit and debit card payments for all Consular Services. Payments by American Express, cash, postal orders or banker’s draft are not accepted. 

Payment by cheque or any means other than those stated above, cannot be accepted.
The processing fee is non-refundable.
Processing Times

5. Processing times and return of documents

At the time you pay the fee for your documents over the phone, you will be notified when to expect your documents to be returned to you. (if its sent by POST only)

The Consular Section will return your documents to you by post, using the pre-paid self-addressed return envelope you enclosed with your original application. (if its sent by POST only)

Fees and Payment