Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • Is there car parking at the Embassy?

    No. There is no car parking available outside the Embassy.

  • Is the consular section accessible by wheelchair?

    Yes. The new Embassy building is now accessible by wheelchair. Please contact us in advance of your visit to make arrangements.

  • On what public holidays is the Embassy closed?

    The Embassy is closed on all U.K. bank holidays as well as Ethiopian public holidays.

    However, on Ethiopian public holidays, the Consular Section only will be open from 9.00am – 1.00pm.

    Check our embassy opening times for further information.

  • What are the nearest stations to the Embassy?

    The Embassy is located on Princes Gate overlooking Hyde Park in Kensington Road.

    The nearest underground stations are Knightsbridge and South Kensington.

    If travelling by Bus, routes 9, 10, 52 and 452 stop on Kensington Road outside Princes Gate. (Request bus stop: Exhibition Road or Prince of Wales Gate).

    Visit the TfL website to plan your journey.

Visas & Application Process

  • Do I need a visa to travel to Ethiopia?

    All visitors to Ethiopia, with the exception of nationals from Djibouti and Kenya, are required to apply for a visa. See the Visas Page for further information. Travellers who arrive at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport to catch a connecting flight to an onward destination do not require a visa.

  • How do I apply for a visa?

    You can apply for a visa either in person at the Embassy, by post or courier, on arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport or online.

    Select your Visa Type and follow the instructions provided.

  • Do I require an appointment to submit my application in person?

    An appointment is not required. Please submit your application at any time during the Consular working hours.

  • Can someone else apply for a visa on my behalf?

    Yes, someone else can submit your visa application on your behalf. This can also be a courier.

  • When should I apply for a visa?

    As visas are valid from the date of issue, we recommend that you apply for a visa nearer towards the time of arrival.

    Business visa applicants are required to obtain approval from the Main Department of Immigration and Nationality Affairs prior to applying for a visa at the Embassy. Please allow at least 21 days.

  • Where can I get a visa application form?

    You can download the visa application form here.

  • What documents do I require when applying for a visa?

    The documents required for a visa application depend on the type of visa you are applying. Please select your visa category and follow the instructions provided.

  • Could the Visa Section request me to provide additional documents or information?

    Additional documents may be required at the Consular Section’s discretion. You will be notified of the additional documents at the time of your application.

  • Can I get my visa on the same day I apply?

    We cannot guarantee visa issuance on the same day that you apply. However, in some cases, this may be possible.

    Normal visa processing takes up to 3 working days. You will be advised of your options at the time you apply.

  • How long does it take to apply for a visa?

    It takes up to 3 working days to process a visa application. Postal applications take longer to process.

  • I have a valid British residency/I have an EU passport. Can I apply for a visa at the Embassy in London?

    Yes. However, you will be required to provide proof of residency such as a council tax, utility bill, etc.

  • How can I collect my passport?

    On the day you submit your application, you will be notified when to collect your passport. Collections can be done at any time during the Consular opening times.

  • Can the Embassy send me my passport by mail?

    Yes. On the day you submit your application, please provide a pre-paid self-addressed return envelope to allow us to return your passport to you once your visa has been issued.

  • Can someone else pick up my passport on my behalf?

    Yes. Provided they have your collection number, which will be handed to you at the time of application.

  • Can I get a multiple entry visa?

    Yes. Provided you submit supporting documents, such as a ticket, showing the requirement of multiple entries.

  • Can I get a post-dated visa?

    No. We do not issue post-dated visas. Visas are valid from the date of issue. We therefore recommend applying nearer towards the time of travel.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We only accept credit and debit cards. Please review the Table of Fees for further information.

  • My child, under 18, is travelling to Ethiopia by him/herself or with their school, which documents do I need to bring?

    At the time of application, you will be required to provide your child’s birth certificate and a photocopy of the parent’s passport. In addition to the above, if your child is going on a school trip, a letter from the school is also required.


  • What is the status of my e-Visa?

    e-Visas are administered by the Main Department of Immigration and Nationality Affairs in Ethiopia. Please contact them directly for further information.

    You may also check e-Visa status online at

    Once your e-Visa is approved, an approval letter is sent directly to your email address.

  • Am I eligible for an e-Visa?

    Please refer to the Main Department of Immigration and Nationality Affairs website for a list of countries that are eligible for e-Visas. This also applies to nationals who have permanent residency in one of the countries eligible for Ethiopian e-Visa. Nationals with permanent residency are required to show the residence permit ID on arrival at the Immigration Counter when entering Ethiopia.

  • What do I do if my country is not in the list of eligible countries?

    If a country is missing from the list of eligible countries, it means that Ethiopia does not have a visa-on-arrival agreement with the Government of such country. Such nationals are not eligible for Ethiopian e-Visa and will be required to apply for visa at their nearest Embassy.

  • Will Visa-on-Arrival and Ethiopian Embassies continue to issue visa after the launch of e-Visas?

    Yes. You may still apply for Visa-on-Arrival at the Airport or at your nearest Ethiopian Embassy. Visa on Arrival is for Tourist Visas only.

  • How long does it take to process an e-Visa?

    Under normal circumstances, the e-Visa processing time is up to 3 days, though it can be earlier. So, it is advisable to apply at least 3 days before your departure.

  • How much is the Ethiopian e-Visa fee?
    • Single entry for up to 30 days – $50
    • Single entry for up to 90 days – $70

    A processing fee of $2 will also be charged.

  • Can I get a multiple entry visa online?

    No. At the moment, only single-entry tourist visas can be issued online.

  • Why was my e-Visa was rejected?

    If it is rejected, the Main Department of Immigration and Nationality Affairs office will notify you of the rejection but not the reason why.

  • My e-Visa was rejected, am I required to apply for a visa?

    If your e-Visa was rejected, please apply for a visa at the Embassy.

  • How do I receive my eVisa Approval Letter?

    When your e-Visa application has been approved, an approval letter is sent to your designated email address. Alternatively, you may check the status of your request for e-visa directly on the Main Department of Immigration and Nationality Affairs website  and download it from your e-mail if approved.

  • I have completed my application and payment but there is no email confirmation whether it is successful or not, what do I do?

    Please check your Spam or Junk mail folder before contacting the Main Department of Immigration and Nationality Affairs. If you still can’t get the confirmation email, please contact them directly.

  • Do I get a refund if my application is rejected?

    Application fees are non-refundable. Payment of the application fee does not guarantee visa approval.

  • Do I need e-Visa for a transit flight from anywhere via Addis Ababa Bole International Airport?

    You do not need an e-Visa for transit flights. If you want to go out from the permitted transit area of the Airport to visit Addis Ababa for some time, you need to get Transit Visa at the Airport. For more information on how to secure a Transit Visa , please contact the Embassy or the Ethiopian Airlines’ transit officers at the Airport.

  • When does validity of my e-Visa start? Is it from the date of entry to Ethiopia or date of issue?

    e-Visas are valid from the date of entry to Ethiopia selected while completing your application, not from the date of issue.

Passport Requirements

  • I have a Refugee Travel Document, can I apply for a visa to travel to Ethiopia?

    Yes. If you are a Travel Document Passport Holder, you must submit your application to the Embassy in person at least 15 days prior to traveling to Ethiopia.

  • How many blank pages are required in my passport?

    Your passport or travel document must also two blank pages.

  • Passport validity – How long does my passport need to be valid for?

    Your passport or travel document must be valid for a minimum of 6 months. Please note that we cannot issue a visa unless you submit your passport.

Journalist Visas

  • What are the required documents for a visa and permit application?

    A full list of required documents is available here.

  • How long does it take to process an application?

    It takes up to 21 working days to process an application. However, some applications may take longer. We therefore recommend not making any final travel plans until you have received the approval.

  • When should I apply for a visa?

    We can only issue visas once the approval from the Main Department for Immigration and Nationality Affairs has been received. And as visas are valid from the date of issue, we recommend submitting your visa application nearer towards the time of travel. Most visas are issued within three working days of receipt of the approval. Please note that you are required to have submitted your permit applications to the Press Office within the 21 days’ notice period.

  • Will I be required to attend an appointment/briefing at the Embassy?

    This requirement is assessed on a case-by-case basis. You will be advised of this requirement at the time you submit your application.

Health and Safety

  • What is the latest travel advice on Ethiopia?

    Ethiopia is generally a safe and stable country. For the latest travel advice from the British Government, we recommend that you visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for further information.

    British nationals are also advised to find out where their nearest Embassy or high commission is, in case of emergency.

  • What vaccinations do I require when travelling to Ethiopia?

    We recommend that you visit your health professional at least 4 to 6 weeks before your trip to check whether you need any vaccinations or other preventive measures.

    Country specific information and advice is published by the National Travel Health Network and Centre on the TravelHealthPro website and by NHS (Scotland) on the fitfortravel website.

    Useful information and advice about healthcare abroad is also available on the NHS Choices website.

  • Is Yellow Fever Vaccination required when entering Ethiopia?

    No. Yellow Fever vaccination is no longer mandatory when entering Ethiopia. However, we recommend that you follow the advice provided by your health professional.

Travel to Ethiopia

  • Where can I obtain travel information for Ethiopia

    Please visit Ethiopia: Land of Origins website for information on Ethiopia’s major tourist sites.

    You may also request maps and brochures directly from the Embassy. Please contact the Travel department with your request.

  • How many airlines/flights operate daily to Addis Ababa?

    Ethiopia’s national carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, flies daily from Heathrow to Addis Ababa, providing connectivity to 54 destinations on the African continent and more than a total of 98 worldwide.

    A complete list of airlines that fly to Addis Ababa are listed on the Ethiopian Tourism Organisation website.

    All international flights arrive and depart from Bole International Airport on the outskirts of central Addis Ababa.

  • What is the currency in Ethiopia?

    The Ethiopian currency is Birr. Changing money is  straightforward in cities and bigger towns.

    Although credit cards are accepted in large hotels and lodges, restaurants and shops, you might need cash for smaller establishments and on the roads less travelled.

  • What language is spoken in Ethiopia?

    Ethiopia’s official language is Amharic. English is widely spoken but a few words of Amharic can make you new friends.

  • I am bringing professional photographic equipment, will I require a permit?

    If you are bringing professional photographic or video equipment, check with your tour operator or local contact before you travel as special customs regulations may apply. You may also contact the Press Office for further information and advice.