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Ethiopia - UK Relations

...based on mutual respect, true friendship and a common vision for global peace and prosperity

Over the centuries, Ethiopia has enjoyed close economic, diplomatic and cultural relations with the United Kingdom. In fact, Great Britain was among the first countries to open an embassy in Addis Ababa, while Ethiopia was the first African country to establish an embassy in London. Both countries collaborate on many issues of mutual concern at the regional and global levels.

Ambassador Teferi Melesse Desta presents his credentials to Her Majesty The Queen via video link, May 2021

Ethiopia is a multi-party federal democracy with legislative authority resting with the government headed by the Prime Minister and the elected House of Representatives (547 members) and the House of Federation (112 members).

The Prime Minister is chosen by the party in power following multi-party democratic national and federal state elections which are held every five years. Parties can be registered at either the national or the federal state level.

The President is elected by the members of the House of People’s Representatives.


Sahle-Work Zewde


Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali

Prime Minister

Demeke Mekonnen

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs

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በኤፕሪል 1973 ወደ ዩናይትድ ኪንግደም በረራውን ቦይንግ 720-ቢ አውሮፕላን በመጠቀም በሳምንት ለሁለት ቀናት የጀመረው የኢትዮጵያ አየር መንገድ በአሁኑ ወቅት አጅግ ዘመናዊ የሆኑ ኤርባስ 350 እና ቢ787 ድሪምላይነር አውሮፕላኖችን በመጠቀም በሳምንት ለአስር ጊዜያት በቀጥታ በረራ እያካሄደ መሆኑ ተመልክቷል፡፡ በዚህም ከአስር ሺህ በላይ መንገደኞችን ወደ 60 አለም አቀፍ መዳረሻዎች እያጓጓዘ መሆኑን በዩናይትድ ኪንግደም እና አየርላንድ የአየር መንገዱ ጽ/ቤት አስታውቋል፡፡ በለንደን ሂትሮ እና…
23 Nov 2023
የኢትዮጵያ አየር መንገድ ወደ ዩናይትድ ኪንግደም የሚያደርገውን በረራ በሳምንት ወደ አስር ጊዜያት ማሳደጉን አስታወቀ፡፡
On the sidelines of the Global Food Security Summit the Ethiopian Ambassador to UK H.E. Ambassador Teferi Melesse Desta met with British International Investment and AgDevCo to discuss potential investment and collaboration in Ethiopia. The Ambassador commended the work done with EthioChicken and explained the robust potential Ethiopia has attract even more investment.
21 Nov 2023
Ambassador Teferi met with BII and AgDevCo
We are excited to announce the inaugural flight of Ethiopian Airlines from Addis Ababa to Gatwick Airport landed earlier today! This new route marks an important milestone in Ethiopian Airlines commitment to providing convenient and seamless travel options for passengers between the UK and Ethiopia. We look forward to welcoming you on board as we connect the vibrant city of…
21 Nov 2023
Ethiopian Airlines Started new route to London Gatwick Airport.
“We have no intention of threatening the sovereignty of any nation but we would like a rules based access to the Red Sea. Our request is to initiate discussions towards sustainable solutions.” “What we seek to accomplish as a nation requires clarity of thought. It also requires hard work on a daily basis. Although there are many issues contributing to…
14 Nov 2023
PM Abiy Ahmed Responds to MP’s
ከ 184 በላይ የአለም ሀገራት በተሳተፉበትና በሚሊዮኖች የሚቆጠሩ ጎብኚዎች ፣ አለም አቀፍ እውቅና ያላቸው የተለያዩ ሀገራት አሰጎብኚዎች እና የጉዞ ጸሀፍት በተገኙበት በዚሁ አለም አቀፍ የጉዞ የገበያ ማእከል ኢትዮጵያ አለም አቀፍ እውቅና ካገኙ የቱሪስት ሀብቶቿ ጀምሮ አዳዲስ የቱሪስት መዳረሻዎቿን አስተዋውቃለች፡፡ የቱሪዝም ሚኒስቴር ሚኒስትር አምባሳደር ናሲሴ ጫሊ ፣ የኢትዮጵያ አየር መንገድ ፣የክልል ቱሪዝም ቢሮዎች ፣ ከ 16 በላይ የኢትዮጵያዊያን አስጎብኚ ድርጅቶች፣ ዳያስፖራውና…
7 Nov 2023
ኢትዮጵያ አዳዲስና ጥንታዊ የቱሪስት ሀብቷን ለንደን ኤክሴል በሚገኘው አለም አቀፍ የጉዞ ገበያ ማእከል ላይ አስተዋወቀች፡፡
The 42nd World Travel Market London 2023 Officially kicked off today at ExCeL London with the presence of H.E. Nasise Challi Jira of Ministry of Tourism-Ethiopia, H.E. Ambassador Teferi Melesse Desta of Embassy of Ethiopia, London, Mr. Henok from Ethiopian Airlines, Hailemelekot Mamo, v/p ET Holidays and Digital services and different tour operators from Ethiopia. It's being visited by multitude…
6 Nov 2023
World Travel Market 2023
Scholars, Black History authorities, dignitaries, and influential individuals from the United Kingdom convened at the Ethiopian Embassy in London to mark a momentous occasion – the official registration and recognition of the Global Black History, Heritage, and Education Centre (GBHHEC) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ambassador Teferi Melesse, addressing the gathering, underscored the profound significance of this historic moment, not only…
28 Oct 2023
GBHHEC official registration celebrated in London
Today, at the Ethiopian Embassy in London, we celebrated Ethiopia's 16th National Flag Day with the theme "The Prestige of Our Flag: A Guarantee for Unity and Sovereignty." We paid tribute to the collective sacrifice made "for the love and honor of our flag" to protect our sovereignty. Our flag embodies freedom, unity, and the pride of our people.  
16 Oct 2023
Ethiopian Flag Day.
The 2023 Sofi Malt Great Ethiopian Run International 10km is gearing up to unite runners from around the world. Get ready for a global sporting adventure as athletes from UK, and more converge for an epic race! for further detail: https://bit.ly/3QbDMeN 
11 Oct 2023
Great Ethiopian Run 2023
“ኢንቨስት አፍሪካ 2023” በሚል ለንደን ላይ እየተካሄደ ባለው የአፍሪካ የፋይናንስ ዘርፍ አመታዊ ጉባኤ ላይ ኢትዮጵያ ከኢንቨስትመንት አማራጮች በተጨማሪ ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ የካፒታል ገበያንና የሰነደ መዋእለ ነዋይ /Securities Market/ እድሎችን ለዩናይትድ ኪንግደም እና ከተለያዩ ሀገሮች ለመጡ በፋይንናስ እና በባንክ ዘርፍ ላይ ለተሰማሩ ባለሃብቶች ሰፊ ማብራሪያ ተሰጥቷል፡፡ 10ኛ አመቱን በያዘውና ከመላው አለምና ከአፍሪካ በፋይናንስ ዘርፍ ላይ የተሰማሩ ባለሃብቶችን ያካተተው ኢንቨስት አፍሪካ 2023 ጉባኤ…
10 Oct 2023
ኢትዮጵያ ያሏትን የኢንቨስትመንት አማራጮች፣ የካፒታል ገበያንና የሰነደ መዋእለ ነዋይ/ Securities Market/ እድሎችን ለንደን አየተካሄደ ባለው አለም አቀፍ የፋይናንስ ዘርፍ ጉባኤ ላይ አቀረበች፡፡
OBJECTIVES OF AGRIFEX ETHIOPIA ETHIOPIA: To introduce Ethiopian business enterprises and their products/services to the general public and the international business community; To bring together technology suppliers and seekers and facilitate the transfer of technology in agriculture and food sector; To serve as a platform for exploring the possibilities of joint venture investments in Ethiopia; and to create a forum…
8 Oct 2023
14th Addis Chamber International Agriculture & Food Trade Fair
አለም አቀፉ ዘ-አርት ጋዜጣ ከሰሞኑ ባስነበበው የምርመራ ስራው ከ 500 ዓመታት በላይ እድሜ ያስቆጠረው ባለ ቀለም ቅብ የእየሱስ ክርስቶስ ምስል ከአጼ ቴዎድሮስ መኝታ ራስጌ ላይ ከተሰቀለበት ኤፕሪል 13፣ 1868 ተዘርፈው ከተወሰዱ ታሪካዊና ሃይማኖታዊ ፋይዳ ከነበራቸው ምስሎች አንዱና ውዱ እንደሆነ ጋዜጣው ገልጿል፡፡ ከመቅደላ ጦርነት በኋላ ጥንታዊ ቅርሶችንና ጽሁፎችን ከኢትዮጵያ እንዲያመጣ የተላከውና የብሪትሽ ሙዚየም መልዕክተኛ የነበረው ሪቻርድ ሆምስ ይህን ውብ ባለቀለም ምስል…
3 Oct 2023
በመቅደላ ጦርነት ምክንያት የተዘረፉ የኢትዮጵያ ቅርሶች አሁንም ከየአካባቢው ብቅ ማለት ጀምረዋል፡፡