COVID-19: Entry Requirements for Travellers to Ethiopia

7 Aug 2020

Amid the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, new health guidelines have been put in place for all travellers entering Ethiopia.

Effective immediately:

    1. All travellers arriving at Bole International Airport who provide a certificate showing a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR antigen test, taken within 72 hours of your arrival to Ethiopia will be subject to mandatory self-isolation at home, for 14 days. Additionally, travellers will be required to provide a sample upon arrival. Travellers who do not have a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test will be placed into mandatory quarantine for 7 days, at a designated site. After 7 days, you will be tested for coronavirus and if you test negative, you will be required to self-isolate at home for the remaining 7 days.
    2. Travellers who provide RDT antibody tests will be quarantined for 7 days at a designated site. After 7 days, you will be tested for coronavirus and if you test negative, you will be required to self-isolate at home for the remaining 7 days.
    3. Ethiopian returnees are required to consult with their nearest Ethiopian Embassy or Consulate before planning their trip to Ethiopia. This is to help returnees obtain the correct information about getting tested at the country of origin. Returnees who cannot provide a negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of arrival to Ethiopia will be placed into mandatory quarantine for 7 days at a designated site.
    4. For diplomats, the previous circular still applies.


ከኮቪድ-19 ጋር በተያያዘ ወደ አገር ውስጥ የሚገቡ መንገደኞች የአቀባበል ሥርዓት መመሪያ፦

  1. ከየትኛውም አገር ተነስተው ቦሌ አየር ማረፊያ ሲደርሱ የሚያቀርቡት የኮቪድ 19 የምርመራ ሰርተፊኬት ማስረጃ72 ሰዓት ያልሞላው የተረጋገጠ የRT PCR አንቲጀን የምርመራ ውጤት ብቻ መሆኑንና ይህን ይዘው የመጡናሙና ሰጥተው በቤታቸው ለ14 ቀናት ተለይተው እንደሚቆዩ ይህንን ይዞ ያልመጣ ግን ለ7 ቀናት ወደ ተዘጋጀለይቶ ማቆያ (ኳራንቲን) ለክትትል እንደሚላክ እና ምርመራ ተደርጎለት ከ7 ቀናት በኃላ ውጤቱ ነፃ ከሆነ በቤቱቀሪውን 7 ቀናት እንደሚቆይ፣
  2. የRDT ፈጣን የአንቲቦዲ ምርመራ ውጤት ይዞ የመጣ መንገደኛ ለ7 ቀናት በለይቶ ማቆያ (ኳራንቲን) መሆንእንደሚኖርበት ከዚያም የ RT PCR ምርመራ ተሰርቶ በቤቱ ቀሪውን 7 ቀናት እንዲቆይ እንደሚደረግ፣
  3. በቦሌ ዓለም አቀፍ አየር መንገድ በኩል የሚገቡ ከስደት ተመላሾች ከመምጣታቸው በፊት ከውጭ ጉዳይሚኒስቴር ጋር በመነጋገር ከሚነሱበት አገር ምርመራ እንደሚደረግ ወደ አገር ሲገቡ 72 ሰዓት ያልሞላው የ RT PCR ምርመራ ሰርተፊኬት ይዞ ያልመጣ ስደተኛ ተለይቶ ወደ ተዘጋጀ ማቆያ ቦታ እንዲገባና ለ7 ቀናት እንዲቆይእንደሚደረግ በዚህ ቆይታም ክትትልና የ RT PCR ምርመራ እንደሚደረግለት፣
  4. ዲፕሎማቶችን በተመለከተ ከዚህ ቀደም በውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስቴር በተላከው ሰርኩላር መሠረት መተግበርየሚቀጥልና መመሪያው ያልተለወጠ መሆኑን፣

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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed held discussions with political parties and civil society organizations in the presence of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, on the upcoming elections scheduled for mid-2021. The highly anticipated and historic election is noted as the most consequential election in its demonstration of Ethiopia’s democratization journey initiated in 2018.
2 Dec 2020
Elections 2021 discussions with Political Parties and Civil Society Organisations
On Wednesday, 25th November 2020, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, H.E. Mr Demeke Mekonnen, met and held discussions with his British counterpart, The Rt Hon Dominic Raab MP, to deliver a message from the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, H.E. Dr Abiy Ahmed.
26 Nov 2020
Deputy Prime Minister assures UK Government of Commitment to Ensure Peace and Security of the People of Ethiopia
The Federal Government is committed to responding to the needs of citizens in the Tigray Region expeditiously. In partnership with the relevant agencies, the government will continue to extend protection and humanitarian assistance to those in need.
26 Nov 2020
Developments on Humanitarian Assistance in Tigray Region
The findings by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission on the grave human rights violations perpetrated by TPLF forces in Maikadra are heart-wrenching. The report is a confirmation of the earlier report by Amnesty International on the same incident. 
24 Nov 2020
Federal Government Condemns the atrocities committed by TPLF in Maikadra
We are aware of a doctored letter on Embassy letterhead being circulated online among TPLF-affiliated digital media outlets claiming to be from the Embassy – please note, this document is FAKE and contains false information.
20 Nov 2020
FAKE DOCUMENT ALERT! Embassy Warns Against Spread of Misinformation
The current law enforcement operations in Tigray primarily targets the disgruntled, reactionary and rogue TPLF members clique that have been destabilising Ethiopia. As such, the Federal government intends to put an end to the deadly crime spree of this group within TPLF, which has also affected the people of Tigray.
18 Nov 2020
Distinguishing TPLF from the People of Tigray
በትግራይ ክልል የህግ የበላይነትን በማስከበር ላይ የሚገኘውን የሀገር መ/ሰራዊት ለመደገፍ የቻላችሁትን የገንዘብ መጠን እንድትለግሱ በአክብሮት እየጠየቅን ለተጨማሪ መረጃ ቀጠዩን ማስፈንጠሪያ መጠቀም የምትችሉ መሆኑን እንገልጻለን።
17 Nov 2020
የድጋፍ ጥሪ!
The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia continues to undertake the irreversible task of enforcing the rule of law in the Tigray region, which it commenced last week following the treasonous attacks by the TPLF on the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF).
15 Nov 2020
Government Continues to Enforce Rule of Law in Tigray
Statement by Prime Minister Abiy on recent developments in Ethiopia's Tigray Region.
9 Nov 2020
Putting an End to Impunity: The Case for Enforcing Federal Laws in Tigray
Following the premeditated and surprise attacks on the National Defense Forces Northern Command launched by TPLF in the early hours of November 4, the government has initiated a large-scale law enforcement operation in the region per Federal mandate and responsibility according to Article 51 of the Constitution.
6 Nov 2020
Updates on the unfolding developments in Ethiopia