It is to be recalled that Ethiopian government has issued bid notice for privatization of 8 sugar factories. Accordingly, for companies interested to submit expressions of interest for the bid transaction are cordially invited to access the Ministry of Finance website  -  in addition to referring the document attached herewith. InvestmentTeaser2
29 Sep 2022
Bid Notice
Webinar: Agricultural and Agro-processing Investment and Export Opportunities in Ethiopia  Thursday 16th June 2022 | 13:30 (London) | 15:30pm (Addis Ababa) Online via Zoom Participation in the webinar is by Registration only. Register by email with your full name. [button to=""]Register[/button]                         Aim To present Ethiopian agricultural and agro-processing opportunities to an international audience…
30 May 2022
Webinar | Agricultural and Agro-processing Investment and Export Opportunities in Ethiopia
The Ethiopian Embassy in London, in collaboration with Ethio-Coffee Importers Ltd, held a briefing event for Ethiopian stakeholders on how to promote green and roasted coffee in the UK during the next Coffee Exhibition due to unfold in December 2022. In his opening remarks, Ambassador Teferi Melesse said the session will help stakeholders to promote Ethiopian Green and Roasted coffee…
6 May 2022
Promoting Ethiopian Coffee.
Promoting Ethiopian Green and Roasted Coffee in the UK: Briefing session on planned Coffee Exhibition, December 2022 Friday, May 6/2022 |  10:00AM (London, BST) | 12:00PM (Addis Ababa, BST +2) Online via Zoom Participation in the webinar is by invitation only. [button to=" "]Register here to participate >[/button]      Background: The coffee industry is of paramount importance to the Ethiopian economy,…
20 Apr 2022
Webinar | Promoting Ethiopian Green and Roasted Coffee in the UK
THE 12th ETHIO-CHAMBER INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR WILL BE HELD AT THE ADDIS ABABA EXHIBITION CENTER FROM JUNE2-6, 2022. As an exhibitor and visitors, enterprises, companies, and organizations in the United Kingdom are invited to participate. For more information, please, click the link. ↓
29 Mar 2022
Trade Fair
The Government of Ethiopia is proposing partial privatisation of Ethio Telecom by offering equity shares, which constitute 40.00% stake. The last date for submission of EOI is 14 July 2021.
15 Jun 2021
Invitation to submit Expression of Interest for Partial Privatisation of Ethio Telecom
With new reforms underway in Ethiopia, and with the production of quality and competitive products for export and the domestic market in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector being a key focus area of the nation’s Ten Year Perspective Development Plan, opportunities exist for investment and trade in this sector.
3 Jun 2021
Webinar | Doing Business in Ethiopia: Opportunities for Investment and Export in the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Industries
The Government of Ethiopia has awarded the first private telecoms licence in the country’s history to an international consortium of telecoms operators under the name, ‘the Global Partnership for Ethiopia’. The consortium submitted winning bid of $850 million for licence to operate telecom services in the country.
27 May 2021
Ethiopia announces awarding of historic telecoms licence to global consortium led by Safaricom