Following the official launch of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) in April 2011, Ethiopia proposed setting up a tripartite committee and a range of fora, which eventually led to the adoption of the Declaration of Principles on GERD (DoP) in March 2015, signed by Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan to facilitate the trilateral dialogue. Principally, the DoP underlined the critical…
31 May 2021
Neither politicisation nor sabotage should guide policies over the Nile
The Government of Ethiopia has awarded the first private telecoms licence in the country’s history to an international consortium of telecoms operators under the name, ‘the Global Partnership for Ethiopia’. The consortium submitted winning bid of $850 million for licence to operate telecom services in the country.
27 May 2021
Ethiopia announces awarding of historic telecoms licence to global consortium led by Safaricom
On 25th May, His Excellency Ambassador Teferi Melesse Desta was invited to Buckingham Palace by Her Majesty The Queen to formally presented his credentials confirming his appointment as Ethiopian Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s.
26 May 2021
Ambassador Teferi presents his Letters of Credence to Her Majesty The Queen
This historic announcement forms part of the government’s plans to liberalise the economy and allow foreign and private investors into key state-owned companies as part of the Homegrown Economic Reform Agenda. Over $8 billion invested – the largest FDI into Ethiopia
24 May 2021
Consortium including UK’s Vodafone and CDC Group awarded telecom licence
The Ministry would like to categorically reject this allegation. Ethiopia has not employed and will never use such banned munitions because it takes its international obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention extremely seriously. As a victim of chemical weapons attack itself, Ethiopia also condemns in the strongest terms the use of chemical weapons by anyone anywhere.
23 May 2021
Press Statement on the Alleged Use of “Chemical Weapons” in Tigray
The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) announced that the upcoming sixth national elections will be held on 21st June 2021. The board also passed the decision to hold the poll in Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa City Administrations on the same day with the national election schedule. The upcoming elections will arguably be Ethiopia’s first free and fair elections.…
21 May 2021
Ethiopia Decides: The countdown to Ethiopia’s 6th National Elections begins
This brief memo provides a short summary of the legal framework and institutional setup within which these investigations are being carried out. It also provides a brief summary of the progress of the investigations and the challenges faced in the investigation process. The memo indicates the remaining tasks and next steps in these efforts to ensure accountability.
21 May 2021
A Summary of Efforts to Ensure Accountability Regarding Violations of International Humanitarian Law and Other Legal Norms in the Regional State of Tigray