On 20th December, Ethiopia’s first-ever earth observatory satellite was launched into space. The Ethiopian Remote Sensing Satellite (ETRSS-1), which will be used to gather data for agricultural, mining and environmental protection, was sent into space from Taiyuan space base in northern China. We have lift-off!!!🚀🇪🇹 This morning, #Ethiopia launched its first-ever observatory satellite into space from #China.#ETRSS1 will be used…
23 Dec 2019
We have lift-off! Ethiopia’s first satellite launched into space
Since PM Abiy came to power in April 2018, Ethiopia has undergone major political and economic changes. This year, major political developments included a referendum, liberalisation of the economy, the adoption of the “Green Legacy” initiative and much more. But there were also challenges, including an attempted coup.
23 Dec 2019
Year in Review
A delegation led by Deputy PM Demeke Mekonnen attended the first–ever Global Refugee Forum in Geneva. In his keynote address, Mr Mekonnen called for a comprehensive response to refugees and announced Ethiopia’s new pledges that are strongly linked with existing commitments and aligned with the focus areas of the Forum.
20 Dec 2019
Ethiopia at the Global Refugee Forum
Dr Yohannes Haile-Selassie has been named among “10 people who mattered in science in 2019” by the prestigious journal Nature. He's recognised for the discovery of a 3.8-million-year-old fossil skull of an early human ancestor in Ethiopia, belonging to a species called Australopithecus anamensis — the oldest and most elusive known human relative.
19 Dec 2019
Dr Yohannes among Top 10 People Who Mattered in Science in 2019
President Sahle-Work Zewde is in Forbes list of the 'World's 100 Most Powerful Women' of 2019. At number 93, President Sahle-Work is the only African to be included in Forbes’ annual list and is noted for being Ethiopia's first female president and the only serving female head of state in Africa.
16 Dec 2019
President Sahle-Work among Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women
After weeks of online voting, Freweini Mebrahtu was named the 2019 CNN Hero of the Year. Selected from the Top 10 CNN Heroes finalists, Ethiopian Freweini is recognised for her years of dedication and incredible work at keeping girls in school by designing a reusable menstrual pad to help end the cultural stigma around periods in Ethiopia. Receiving the award,…
16 Dec 2019
Freweini Mebrahtu named 2019 CNN Hero of the Year
Ethiopian Airlines marked its one-year anniversary of flying from Manchester Airport to Addis Ababa on 12th December. Manchester is the airline’s second UK destination providing a four-times-a-week service connecting the north of England to over 60 destinations across Africa.
13 Dec 2019
Ethiopian Airlines celebrates one year of Manchester to Addis Ababa
On 10th December, the world’s eyes were on Oslo, host city for the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony.  This day will also go down history as it saw the first Ethiopian to be awarded a Nobel Prize. Opening the ceremony, the chairperson of the Nobel Committee said that PM Abiy represented a "new generation of African leaders who realise that conflict…
13 Dec 2019
Prime Minster Abiy Awarded Nobel Peace Prize