23 Feb 2016
Statement on the latest report by Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch has once again come out with a report on Ethiopia with particular emphasis on the disturbances which took place in some parts of Oromia region. As usual, the report was neither a result of thorough research nor does it make a convincing effort to substantiate the allegations it contains.
15 Apr 2015
Response to the Guardian’s article on land grabs
Ethiopia does not engage in land grabbing and, as our economic track record clearly shows, the vast majority of Ethiopians have benefitted from the growth and sustainable development programme under implementation, the facts and figures of which have been verified on the ground by institutions with the know-how and hands-on experience to produce credible reports.
16 Feb 2015
Response to the Independent on the Andargachew Tsege case
Response to the Independent article titled, Ethiopia refuses to allow access to imprisoned British citizen, published on 9th February 2015.
23 Jan 2015
Response to HRW report on press freedom in Ethiopia
Human Rights Watch have launched yet another attack against the Ethiopian Government. It is a well-known fact that HRW has been waging a campaign of vilification against Ethiopia under the guise of a range of issues. This time, the chosen theme was media freedom and the upcoming general elections.
14 Nov 2014
Response to the Report Entitled “Engineering Ethnic Conflict: The Toll of Ethiopia’s Plantation Development on the Suri People”  
The Embassy in London has noted with dismay that a report containing wild allegations against Ethiopia, has once again been published by the Oakland Institute (OI). As usual, OI's report is characterized by outright lies, distortions and exaggerations.
9 Jul 2014
Response to The Guardian’s article on Ethiopia’s resettlement programme
The Guardian has published a highly misleading article on Ethiopia’s resettlement programme. The programme has lifted hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian farmers out of poverty. This was not made clear in the article.