Embassy of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Visa for Ethiopia

Visitors to Ethiopia require visas. The only exceptions are nationals from Djibouti and Kenya and travellers who arrive in Addis Ababa Bole International Airport to catch a connecting flight.

Please read the following items as they contain vital information to your visa application.

Planning for your trip

We advise that you talk to your GP, practice nurse or travel health clinic about any immunisations you may need at least two months before travelling. Visitors from the UK can find out more information by visiting the immunisation website (www.immunisation.nhs.uk) and the National Travel Health Network and Centre website (www.nathnac.org).

A certificate of vaccination for yellow fever is no longer mandatory.

Business Visa

Visa for Press

For Travel Document Holders

How to Apply for a Visa


Application forms are available free of charge from the Embassy. You may use the electronic version available on this website.

Please allow extra time for postal applications.


Please note that this option is only applicable to tourist visas. Business visas are not applicable on arrival. Please secure your business visa in person at your nearest Embassy or Consulate

Some tourist visas can also be issued on arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, for which a different form is provided. The form available on this website and from the Ethiopian Embassy in London cannot be used for this purpose.

Tourist visas can only be issued on arrival to:

If applying for a tourist visa on arrival, visitors will need to bring with them two recent passport-sized photographs and no less than US $50 before their application can be processed. Please scroll down for the full price list.

Foreign nationals who are coming from countries that are not listed as tourist generating countries and from those countries that do not have an agreement with Ethiopia regarding the issuance of visas on arrival, can enter Ethiopia by obtaining a visa from a nearby Ethiopian Mission. However, if tourists from such countries wish to get a visa on arrival at the airport, they are required to get approval from the Immigration and Nationality Affairs Main Department in Ethiopia. Requests for such approval can be sent to:

The Visa Application Form

Click here to download and print the visa application form

* Please be aware that the Embassy email address as listed on the pdf format visa form is incorrect. It should read info@ethioembassy.org.uk We apologise for this error.

If you are experiencing problems opening or reading the pdf version of the visa application form, you can click here to open the non-pdf version in a new window.

Forms should be printed off, filled in and posted or taken to the Embassy.

Types of Visa

This form may be used when applying for the following types of visa:

*If you arrive at Addis Ababa Bole International airport and have to wait a few hours for a connecting flight, providing you do not leave the airport or pass the Immigration Desk you will not require this visa. If you leave the airport for any length of time between flights you will require a transit visa.

Length of Visa

For tourist purposes the following are available:

For business purposes the following are available:

For transit purposes the following are available:

When choosing the length of the visa you require, please be aware that the visa is valid from the date of issue and not the date of entry into Ethiopia. It is no longer possible to post-date visas, so please give careful consideration as to which length of visa will be suitable for your stay. You must take into account the time taken to process your visa application as well allow for postage times and the number of days in advance of your travel you have applied, as your visa will have be valid from the date it has been processed at the Embassy.

For example, if you are visiting Ethiopia for 20 days, and you are applying for a single tourist or business visa more than a week in advance of your departure, you must take into account the length of time it takes for post to reach the Embassy, the time it takes to process the visa, the length of time it takes for post to reach you from the Embassy and consider exactly how many days in advance of your journey you have applied. If the total exceeds the 30 day limit, you must apply for a multiple entry 3 month visa.

If you wish to stay in Ethiopia for a longer period you will have to apply to the Ethiopian Main Department for Immigration Office in Addis Ababa for an extension.

Completing the Visa Application Form

Please ensure that you:

If you have any questions concerning your application, our Consular staff can be contacted on 020 7838 3898.

Additional requirements

When submitted, each completed application form must be accompanied by:

When applying for a business visa, the form should be accompanied by a signed letter on headed paper from the sponsoring organisation or company, stating the nature of the visit and the work that will be conducted. If you are self-employed, this letter can be from a solicitor, accountant or company house.

Business visa applicants who are not normally residents of the UK should apply to the Ethiopian Embassy accredited to their country or that which is closest to their place of legal residence. However, business visa applicants who choose to apply at the Ethiopian Embassy in London, must provide a letter stating why they are applying in the UK and should be aware that their application and documentation may be passed on for verification purposes, to the Ethiopian Embassy accredited to the country of their origin or whichever Embassy is closest to their country of origin.

If you are a student, your application should be accompanied by a letter from your school, college or university or your letter of invitation from an Ethiopian referee if applicable.

Journalists and professional photographers should also contact the Ethiopian Embassy Press office on 020 7838 3880 in advance of travel. If you are taking equipment with you, such as cameras, sound equipment etc, please attach a list detailing their description, make, serial numbers and value. If you intend to film, you will require a permit for which a fee representing a small percentage of total production costs will be charged. Please also be aware that processing your visa application may take two weeks.

Please include an undated special delivery self-addressed envelope if you require your passport to be returned to you by post. The Embassy cannot accept responsibility for any items lost in the post.

Payment and Fees

The following methods of payment are accepted:

The correct fee must be enclosed with the application form. If you are unsure of which is the correct fee for your application, you may call the consular office to check - 020 7838 3898.



The above prices do not apply to American citizens. By special arrangement with the US government, American citizens receive a two year multiple entry visa for both business and tourist purposes, for which the fee is £51.

Check list

Remember...visa applications MUST be accompanied by the following:

Consular Opening Times