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27 Feb 2019

የአንድነትና የሰላም ድልድይ ግንባታ መድረክ በለንደን

ለንደን የሚገኘው የኢትዮጵያ ኤምባሲ ከዳያስፖራው ጋር ውይይት ለማካሄድና በጋራ መንቀሳቀስ የሚቻልበትን ሁኔታ ለመፍጠር የአንድነትና የሰላም ድልድይ ግንባታ መድረክ አዘጋጅቷል፡፡
26 Feb 2019

Diaspora Forum: Building a Bridge for Peace and Unity

The Ethiopian Embassy in London cordially invites all members of the Ethiopian community in the United Kingdom to an open forum held, in the spirit of togetherness, to foster greater peace and unity within the Diaspora. The Forum will be held on 16 March 2019 from 2pm.
19 Feb 2019

Ethiopia launches online investment guide to stimulate FDI

Investors hoping to explore one of Africa's fastest-growing economies can now acquire easy access to reliable and up-to-date information with a new online investment guide to Ethiopia. The iGuide highlights areas for reform in the country’s investment environment, thus helping the government understand investor needs.
Trade and Investment
13 Feb 2019

Prime Minister Abiy receives further support for reforms in latest whistle-stop tour of Europe

PM Abiy led an Ethiopian delegation on a three-nation European Tour, in Italy where they met the President and the Pope, Davos where the Prime Minister addressed global leaders at the World Economic Forum and Brussels for meetings with the EU Commission.
12 Feb 2019

Ethiopia reaffirms its commitment to improving Refugee lives by passing historic law granting more rights

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11 Feb 2019

Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund in full swing; more than $2.3 million raised

Since its launch last year, the Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund (EDTF) has so far collected more than $2.3 million following Prime Minister Abiy’s call to the Diaspora to contribute their share to the process of building a better Ethiopia.
11 Feb 2019

Business Diplomacy Update: Issue 6

The bi-weekly bulletin on investment, trade, technology transfer and tourism activities undertaken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ethiopia, as well as the opportunities in those sectors.
5 Feb 2019

Ethiopian Airlines begins free transit tours

Transit passengers using Ethiopian Airlines can now enjoy a taste of Ethiopia for free, courtesy of Ethiopian Holidays. The new city tour package takes transiting passengers on a journey through the political capital of Africa.