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5 Jun 2018

Ethiopia launches e-visa service to all international visitors

From June 1, all international visitors to Ethiopia can apply for their visa online. This new initiative will promote tourism, trade, and investment to the country.
27 May 2018

Reinvigorating Democracy Through Reform

The triumphant entry of the EPRDF forces into Addis Ababa on 28th May 1991 marked the closing of a turbulent chapter of Ethiopia’s history, and the opening of a new one that paved the way for the adoption of an all-inclusive federal and democratic system.
14 May 2018

Ethiopian Airlines comes to Manchester Airport opening up Africa to the North

Manchester Airport secures landmark route into the heart of Africa, underlining its pivotal role in connecting the North to the world’s most important markets. Ethiopian Airlines will operate a four-times-a-week service to Addis Ababa from 1st December 2018.
Press Release
8 May 2018

Premier appoints new Cabinet, sets out early Reform Priorities

PM Abiy Ahmed's tenure as Prime Minister of Ethiopia has been characterised by a renewed sense of hope and determination in the country. In an effort to address public grievances the new Prime Minister has engaged in a series of public consultations while setting out the vision for reform going forward.
2 May 2018

7th Anniversary of Renaissance Dam celebrated in London

On 28th April, diplomats and members of the Ethiopian Community converged at the Ethiopian Embassy in London to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which is currently 66% complete.
30 Apr 2018

Maqdala 1868: A year of debate on Ethiopia’s treasures

The monthly newsletter by the Ethiopian Embassy in London - April 2018 Issue
20 Apr 2018

A Week in the Horn

The weekly publication from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ethiopia.
A Week in the Horn
19 Apr 2018

PM Abiy Announces New Cabinet

PM Abiy appoints 16 cabinet ministers as part of the reform process to address public grievances.