Coronavirus: An Urgent Appeal for Ethiopia

7 Apr 2020

Embassy to mobilise critical financial, human and material resources from the Diaspora in the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Ethiopia.


Further to the calls made by the Government of Ethiopia in launching the COVID-19 National Resource Mobilisation Initiative, the Embassy has today launched an appeal to galvanise the Ethiopian community and friends of Ethiopia in the United Kingdom to give urgently to confront the spread of the Coronavirus in Ethiopia.

Your donations will help provide essential support to the vital work that the Government of Ethiopia is doing to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the people of Ethiopia.


How to make a Cash Donation

The Embassy has officially opened a bank account to mobilise all monetary donations from the Ethiopian diaspora in the UK.

All donations should be made out to:

Account Name: Embassy of Ethiopia

Account No: 43178968

Sort Code: 30-65-41

For further ways to monetarily contribute to the fight against COVID-19 visit


How to donate Material Items

The Embassy will be accepting donations of essential medical equipment critical to the fight against COVID-19.

The Embassy (17 Princes Gate, London SW7 1PZ) will be open every Thursday between 11:00 am – 1:00 pm for donations. See Appendix 1 for details.


How Medical Professionals Can Contribute to the Effort

Current or retired medical professionals seeking to contribute the fight against COVID-19 in Ethiopia are strongly encouraged to get in touch with the Embassy on the following phone numbers 07455 029 562 and 07950 581 507 or by email at


Together, we will prevail!



For further information on this initiative, please contact our Diaspora Affairs team on 07367 109 262 | 07939 956 086 | 07460 783 929.

For press or media enquiries: 020 7838 3883 |

For daily updates, follow the Embassy on social media: @EthioEmbassyUK


On Friday, 13th February 2020, Ethiopia confirmed its first case of COVID-19. Daily updates are being provided by the Ministry of Health via social media as well as the Ethiopian COVID-19 monitoring platform at

Appendix 1: Medical Equipment

  • Mechanical ventilators (with all accessories included for adults) | x 1,000
  • Mechanical ventilators (with all accessories included for children and newborns) | x 500
  • Patient monitor (with all modules including NIBP and ECG) | x 1,500
  • Electrical suction machine with 2 pumps | x 1,000
  • Laryngoscope Macintosh, adult (with 3 blades, +2 spare bulbs and a carrying case) | x 2,000
  • Oxygen face mask (adult size) | x 3,000
  • Oxygen face mask (paediatric size) | x 500
  • Oxymeter Pulse, fingertip model | x 5,000
  • Oxymeter Pulse, fixed with all modules | x 500
  • Respirator, mask, FFP2/N95, type IIR, s.u, unvalved, noseclip | x 150,000 boxes of 20
  • Surgical face mask | 2,000,000 boxes of 50
  • Thermometer, infrared, no contact, handheld | x 10,000
  • Test kits
    • COVID-19 E.gene for 100 tests | x 500 packs
    • COVID-19 RDRP.gene for 100 tests | x 250 packs
    • Invitrogen kit (Super Script III) for 100 tests | x 600 packs
    • Extraction kit (Qiagen) | x 250 boxes of 250
    • 5mg microcentrifuge tube (DnageRnase free) | x 600 bags of 1,500
    • VTM (Viral Transport Medium) | x 1,000 boxes of 750
    • Flocked swabs (polystrenetiped and plastic shaft) | x 1,200 boxes of 100
  • Ultrasound machine, general purpose (chest and abdomen) | x 1,000
  • Mobile x-ray | x 300
  • ICU beds with mattress, side tables and overhead tables | x 1,500
  • Oxygen concentrator | x 1,000
  • CT Scan | x 4
  • Ambulances (fully kitted with emergency set) | x 50
  • Dialysis machine | x 15
  • Consumables and reagents for Dialysis | x 35,000

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