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TDA Members, Supporters Mark 38th Anniversary of TPLF in London

February 18, 2013

Members of TDA-UK and supporters of the Tigray People Liberation Front in the United Kingdom celebrated on Saturday (16th Feb) the 38th anniversary of the movement, which toppled the military Junta and replaced it with a democratic order, which tens of thousands of martyrs paid for with their lives.<-/p>

The Tigray Development Association (TDA), is a membership-based organization committed to supporting development endeavours by intensifying public ownership and participation.

Speaking at the gathering, Ato Demeke Atnafu, Head of the Community Affairs Section and representative of the Ethiopian Embassy said TPLF, fighting alongside other Ethiopian democratic forces, removed the repressive Derg regime, paving the way for the building of a system that guarantees the equality and sovereignty of nations and nationalities.

Ethiopia, was and remains one of the fastest growing economies in sub-Saharan Africa under the leadership of the late, great Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, and is tenaciously pursuing his legacy to see the nation join the middle- income community of states.

The task at hand now, Ato Demeke said, is further commitment to implementing the Growth and Transformation Plan, which envisages enhancing health and education facilities, developing infrastructure, building roads, railways and crowning with success the construction of the Renaissance Dam, sugar factories and irrigation schemes that will lay the foundation for a robust and viable Ethiopia, a noble cause for which TPLF and other Ethiopian democratic forces have fought, laying down their lives in the process.

The people and Government of Ethiopia have put at the centre of all their endeavours, the fight against poverty to which they dedicate all their energy and resources.

In a statement he read out at the event, representative of the TPLF, Ato Habtom Abreha said, the organization will remain seized with the implementation of the huge nation-building programme and he reiterated commitment to the entrenchment of peace and democracy to ensure equality and justice.

In a message of solidarity he read out on the occasion, representative of the various development associations, Ato Tezera Asegu expressed gratefulness for sacrifices paid by TPLF combatants during the armed struggle and pledged unwavering support to the cause of the people who have now started to savour the fruits of their hard work and resilience. A representative of the Eritrean opposition group also read out a message of solidarity.

Candles were lit and participants were entertained by famous artists, and refreshments served in the event as celebrations continued throughout the night.

Present on the occasion were members and representatives of different organizations, religious and community leaders and invited guests.

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