Embassy of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

The Diaspora Division of the Embassy is responsible for raising the level of awareness and understanding among the Diaspora and mobilising them to take part in Ethiopia’s development activities.

The division, inter alia;

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Ethiopian ID Card Renewal

June 29, 2015

It is to be recalled that a penalty has been levied on those who failed to renew ID cards given to persons of Ethiopian origin. In view of the feedback received from members of the Diaspora, the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has waived the penalty fee until 6th August 2015 (Hamle 30, 2007).

The Embassy therefore calls on all members of the Diaspora to renew their ID cards on time before the expiry of this new deadline.

More information via the the following link.


Information on the Diaspora Housing Programme

Ethiopians and foreigners of Ethiopian origin in the UK are entitled to own a house through a government Diaspora housing scheme either individually or by becoming members of a housing association.

Further information on the criteria for registration, house prices and directives can be found in the following link.

NOTE: Registration of the Diaspora Housing Programme will commence on 18 May 2015.


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