The State of Gambella

The State of Gambella is composed of two administrative zones and eight woredas.


Gambella is the capital city of the region.


The State of Gambella Peoples' is located in the western tip of Ethiopia bordering with the Sudan in the west, south, and north, the State of Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' in the south and east; and with the State of Oromiya in the north and east.


The area of the State is estimated at 25,274 square kilometres (not including a woreda recently integrated in to the region)


According to the 1994 census, the total population was 181,862 of which 92,090 were males while 88,960 were females. 153,438(84.9%) of the population live in rural areas.

The main nationalities of the State are Nuer, Agnuak, Mezhenger, Apana and Komo. Moreover, the Oromo, Amhara, Kembta, Keffa, Tigray and other nations and nationalities live in the State. Of the total ethnic composition the Nuer consists 40% , the Agnuak 27%, Amhara 8%, Oromo 6%, Mezhenger 5.8%, Keffa 4.1%, Mocha 2%, Tigraway 1.6% and other ethnic groups predominantly from Southern Ethiopia 5.5%. Amharic is the working language of the State. Regarding religion, Protestants constitute 44%,Orthodox Christians 24.1%, traditional religion 10.3%, Muslims 5.1%, Catholics 3.2%, and others 12.7%.


Pastoralism is the leading preoccupation of the people. People are also engaged in the cultivation of sorghum, bean, sesame, mango, banana etc. for their livelihood.


Most of the State is flat and has hot humid weather. Annual rainfall registered at Gambella station for 17 years is 615.9mm while the minimum/ maximum temperatures is 21.1C and 35.9C respectively.


Baro, the only navigable river in Ethiopia, is found in this State. It connects the region with the Sudan.


Gambella national park is safari in the western savanha lowlands of Ethiopia. The fauna of the region include Elephants, Buffaloes, Monkeys and Parrots. Hot spring and mineral waters, waterfalls, densely natural forests are among the few resources and tourist attractions of the region.


Nine private investors are engaged in agricultural, construction and service areas, with 28.4 million Birr capital and, 543 persons will benefit form the opportunities created by the investment projects. Gambella has rich potential for the production of cotton,    groundnut, sesame and other oil seeds. Fishing, mining gold and exploring petroleum, mineral water and  construction materials are other important areas of investment in the state.