HE Berhanu Kebede




H.E. Berhanu Kebede was born on 11th April 1956 in Addis Ababa and attended the Asfawossen Day School and the Haileselassie I Secondary School. He went on to study at Addis Ababa University and graduated in 1978 from the Department of Economics in Planning and Project Analysis. He continued his studies at post-graduate level at the Free University of Brussels, earning M.A. degrees in Development Economics in 1986 and Management and Finance in 1988.


H.E. Berhanu has had a long career in diplomacy. He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1978 serving as Ethiopia/EEC Relations Desk Officer. In 1983 he transferred to the Diplomatic Mission in Brussels as an economist where he represented Ethiopia in financial, technical and industrial committees. He participated in negotiations leading to the Lome II and III conventions – international aid and trade agreements between the African, Caribean and Pacific (ACP) Countries group and the European Union (EU) aimed at support efforts to achieve comprehensive, self-reliant and self-sustained development – and participated in various committees involved in the implementation of the convention. He also took part in all joint ACP-EU and ACP Council conferences held in Brussels and in other regions.


In 1992 he returned to Addis Ababa to take up the position of Head of the Western European Division at the Ministry, for which he was assigned the rank of Counselor, before taking on the role of Acting Director General for International Organisation and Economic Cooperation in 1993. Later that year he was promoted to Director General, and it was in this role that he attended all Organisation of African Unity (OAU) Council and Summit conferences held between 1992 and 2000, chaired the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) meeting of the African Economic Community (June 1998), and participated in all Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) Ministerial Conferences held between 1992 and 2000, all UN General Assembly sessions held from 1993 to 2000 (the 48th to 55th General Assembly sessions) as deputy leader of the Ethiopia delegation, and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Council and Summit conferences.


On 7th December 2000, he was appointed Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to the Russian Federation, with the rank of Ambassador.


In February 2002, he was appointed Ambassador of Ethiopia to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, before his appointment as Ambassador to the United Kingdom in March 2006.


He has participated in various national committees, such as the EU/Ethiopia Relations Ministerial Conference, the National Committee on the World Trade Organisation Membership of Ethiopia and the Committee Established to Study the Impact of the Free Trade Area Under COMESA on the Ethiopian Economy, and has presented papers on the Effectiveness of Foreign Aid in Ethiopia, the Evolution of the EEC Integration Process, Globalisation and its Main Features, and the Guidelines for Participation in International Conferences.


H.E. Berhanu speaks Amharic, English and French.


He is married and has three children.